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Re-Entry Commission Annual Report Released

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Re-Entry Commission Annual Report Released

ORCA announces the release of the Re-Entry Commission 2012 Annual Report.

Message from the Chair

To Mayor Vincent Gray, DC Council Members and Residents of the District of Columbia:

It is with great pleasure that we submit the first annual report for the newly appointed Commission on Re-entry and Returning Citizens Affairs (“Commission”).  In the six months that the Commission has been in existence, our approach has been to attend public hearings, build relationships, reach out to the community and understand the complexity and diversity of the issues that impact returning citizens, their families and the community.

Under the leadership of Mayor Gray and the DC City Council the Commission on Reentry and Returning Citizens Affairs was re-established on May 17, 2012 by the swearing in of 14 of the 15 voting members required to fulfill the Commission’s establishing legislation. DC Law 16-243; DC Official Code 24-1302. Since then, the Commission has held seven public meetings, met with local and federal officials, and attended community public meetings. In addition, the Commission has worked diligently over the last several months to establish the required by-laws and rules of procedures for the Commission and convened a retreat for strategic planning purposes.

While working very hard to strengthen the core of the Commission, the Commission realizes the importance of engaging in dialogue with the 11 ex-officio non-voting government agencies that are a part of the Commission pursuant to DC law. These DC agencies are charged in developing and implementing policy and programs in their respective agencies, and it is a part of the Commission’s strategy to engage each individual agency and at an appointed time to bring the agencies together to employ collaborative reintegration efforts.

As we reflect on 2012 efforts, there is one number we would like to guide us in 2013. This number is one and it reflects the commitment of each Commission member. In 2012, the dedicated members of the Commission have worked on one accord to develop an efficient vehicle of change and support for returning citizens while upholding our core values of integrity, commitment and transparency. It is our hope that we can continue to work together as one city, bringing together the Mayor, DC Council, faith and community groups, correctional professionals, re-entrants and the community. A shared effort is imperative to the work of the Commission on Re-entry and Returning Citizen Affairs because every one of us is vital to the continued success of returning citizens, their families and our community.

Reverend Kelly D. Wilkins, Chairperson