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Lamont Carey

Director Lamont Carey, a native Washington has been involved in various facets of reentry for the past 17 years. He has worked with legislators, nonprofits, philanthropist and other groups that focus on policy, prevention and successful reentry. He has used his personal experiences with the criminal justice system to fuel his passion to help others recognize and overcome barriers to increase the opportunity for success.

“Being a product of my experiences, I believe that waking up every morning in an environment that have opportunities for personal growth and enrichment is the ultimate success. That kind of mindset and opportunities is what I intend to create for every DC Returning Citizen that comes to the doors of the Mayor’s Office of Returning Citizens Affairs. The majority of the staff is a living testament that in Washington, DC every returning citizen can be successful.

Director Carey has received numerous awards and recognitions:

  • Justice Roundtable - 2018 Justice Roundtable Certificate of Excellence
  • Sentinel Newspaper -2018 Black Inspiration
  • Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus -2016 Civil Rights Award
  • National Black Caucus of State Legislators - 2012 Visionary Award
  • The US Senate –2008 Senate Congressional Award
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