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MORCA Programs

Non-Driver’s ID Vouchers
MORCA provides all qualified constituents with a cost free voucher for a DC DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) non driver’s ID.  To obtain the ID, two other forms of identification are required (birth certificate, social security card, passport, DOC (Department of Corrections) inmate ID [original documents]). For more information, click here.

Family Reunification Trip Program
In order to foster the family support that is so vital to successful reentry, MORCA hosts FREE family reunification visitation trips to federal and state prisons for the family members and friends of incarcerated District residents. For more information, click here.

Senior Housing Voucher Program
MORCA has partnered with DCHA (DC Housing Authority) to support formerly incarcerated seniors (62 and older) who are suffering from homelessness by providing housing vouchers which enable them to obtain stabled living situations.

Individuals who receive a voucher will have 180 days (six months) to secure housing before the voucher expires. If the voucher expires, a request for an extension will only be granted under extreme circumstances which you will need to provide supporting documents for an extension to be granted. Please note that the extension is not guaranteed. If you are a voucher recipient and are having a hard time locating a place to live, speak with a reentry case manager in the office about the barriers you are facing.

CDL Program
MORCA has partnered with DPW (Department of Public Works) to facilitate a bi-monthly CDL (Commercial Driver's License) Class B (general knowledge) course, in order to increase the constituents’ chances of obtaining their CDL Learners after passing the exam.  For more information, click here

Byte Back Computer Training 
MORCA has partnered with Byte Back to facilitate a computer skills training class for the District’s returning citizens in order to increase their computer and technology skills for the evolving job market. For more information, click here.